Test Technician - 3rd Shift

Oxnard, CA

As a Test Technician (also known as Technical Specialist, Electronics Tester), you'll perform a variety of non-routine tasks to ensure production quality standards are met. You'll be responsible for set-ups, calibration, testing, tuning, and troubleshooting of micro-strip circuits, components, instruments, and mechanical assemblies. Your role will be critical in producing mission essential electronic devices that contribute to national security.

  • Competitive salary range of $41,000 - $68,000.
  • Opportunities for growth and advancement.
  • Contribute to national defense and support our troops.
  • High School Diploma.
  • 3+ years experience testing and tuning electronic devices.
  • Proficiency in RF theory and principals, and operating test equipment like DC power supplies, RF signal generators, scalar and network analyzers.